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Get Your Tan On!

Good riddance to the days of laying out, burning and peeling to get that summer tan. Today’s sunless tanning products are a much faster and healthier way to get your glow on – without the risk of sun damage and wrinkles. “Sunless tanning products are the best thing created for your skin,” says Jordan Zecchini, … Continue reading Get Your Tan On!

Your Guide To Beautiful Summer Skin

Like surfer tunes and summer blockbusters, radiant skin has always been a summer staple in Southern California. Luckily, these days, there are many healthier ways to get your glow on than laying out in the hot, hot sun. Achieving flawless summer skin combines healthy skincare habits with amped up sun protection. Chances are you are … Continue reading Your Guide To Beautiful Summer Skin

Good Day, Sunshine!

Living in this balmy climate, most of us regularly apply SPF 30 broad-spectrum protection. But did you know that natural ingredients are playing a bigger role in today’s sun-care products? MIGHTY MINERALS. An alternative to synthetic-based formulas, mineral sunscreens use highly reflective ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that offer natural sun protection. hot … Continue reading Good Day, Sunshine!

#askBC: How Do I Prevent Shine In This Heat?

Q: I have oily skin, and the hot weather isn’t doing me any favors! What should I do differently during the summer months? – Melting in Manhattan Beach A: Whether we like it or not, changes in the weather are often reflected in our skin. For oily skin types, heat and humidity don’t just amp up … Continue reading #askBC: How Do I Prevent Shine In This Heat?