Claus Porto Makes the List – Oprah’s Favorite Things

oprahjunecover2 web Claus Porto Makes the List   Oprahs Favorite Things

The June issue of O Magazine is slated to be legendary, celebrating 25 years of Oprah’s ground breaking daytime television show.  Oprah will have you crying through your appreciative smile in each heart-warming article, but nothing will compare to the anticipation surrounding her Ultimate All-Time Favorite Things List.

I’m sure you will be able to hear Oprah scream her trademark ‘FAVORITTTTTEEEE THINGGGGSSSS’ right through the pages, as she announces the cult-followed list of her personal faves, as well as her staffs.  Once again, the list will include a number of bath and body items, such as the Claus Porto Bath Soaps.

clausporto Claus Porto Makes the List   Oprahs Favorite Things

It’s no surprise that the luxury soaps made the cut.  Claus Porto is not in the business of making your everyday bar soap, instead, they provide you with a moment of luxury every time you step foot in the shower or bath.  Each one of the luxury bar soaps are milled seven times in the classic European tradition. This means that each handmade bar will last without cracking or losing it’s fragrance til the very end.  Wrapped in fun and funky art deco packaging, the soaps come in tantalizing and intoxicating fragrances, such as: Wild Pansy, Almond Oil, Grapefruit Fig and Sandalwood.  Give a Claus Porto Soap as a gift to yourself or the one you love today!

The Claus Porto Bar Soaps, Candles and Liquid Soaps are available now at as well as all three locations.