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Fall 2011 Nail Trends

There are so many ways to express yourself in the Nail World today.  This Fall, why not make your nails your best fashion accessory!

“The bag you carry makes a statement about who you are, and the same holds true for your nail polish.”

Essie Weingarten on her inspiration for the “Carry On” Collection. In Essie’s words: “I always say a pop of color can feel like a whole new outfit, and you can change it every day if you want”.

So now I ask…how often do you change your color?

Here are a few of our favorite Nail Trends for Fall:

Long Ladylike Nails : For a prim and proper nail look, this demure manicure is for You. Keep nails at an elegant length, and make sure to file tips into a flattering shape. For a perfect curve, just mirror your cuticle shape. Use a Beige or Rosey polish, for a clean and natural look.


Classic Red : This look is Chic, Timeless and Classic. Already have a nice red at home? Apply a layer of high shine topcoat, like Essie’s Super Duper Top Coat to any flattering shade to update your polish look! Want to try out a vivid red, check out Essie’s Fishnet Stockings, I think the name says it all.

Mellow Yellow: Vivid Yellow will give a pop to any outfit. Use two to three coats to make it solid or matte, and don’t forget the base coat to avoid staining the nail bed.

Mellow Yellow

Pop of Orange: An orange nail polish may be the easiest neon shade to try. It looks beautiful against all colors.

Ombre Manicures: Why not mix it up with different colors. Different colors can look spectacular on one nail, just have fun with it!  You can also use nail art pens to create stripes, polka dots, and even flowers.  There are so many combinations to what you can do bu just googling : nail art!

Sexy Nudes

Sexy Nudes:  Afraid of color? Nudes with rosey undertones, are very sexy, yet subtle enough for everyday wear; clean and simple.

Reverse Manicure

Reverse French Manicures: This Moroccan inspired manicure, is a fun way to have a little adventure, without travelling far from home. An update to the classic French Manicure, a Cream and Plum mix is a fresh look for Fall.

Two Toned Manicures: Why double dip? Choosing more than one polish can be daring for some, but if you want to make a strong color statement, this just might be the manicure for you ~ It’s fun and elegant at the same time. Whether you are dipping, or splattering your polishes, this look is always sure to be one of a kind!

I hope you are inspired to go have fun with your Nail Polish, with so many ideas running through my head, I’m not sure which one I will do next!  Whats your next polish choice? Do share!