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Work What Your Mother [Nature] Gave Ya!

Tremendous tresses. Most of us spend so much time wishing for them that we don’t see what’s right in front of – erm,… around? – our faces. With these all-natural products, we can harness nature to enhance our hair’s naturally unique and wonderful qualities. It Takes All Kinds. The foundation of all beauty is health. … Continue reading Work What Your Mother [Nature] Gave Ya!

How “Clean” Is Your Shampoo?

We all know that stylish habits like booking color treatments or being overzealous with hot tools can cause hair damage – but did you know that some common shampoo ingredients can hurt your hair, too? To promote healthy hair, most natural hair-care brands work to avoid the following: Silicones. These fillers coat the hair, which … Continue reading How “Clean” Is Your Shampoo?

#BlondeAmbition: Rescue Me!

More than two months have past, and can I just say it? BLONDES ARE HIGH MAINTENANCE! Brunette jokes aside (cuz I’ll always be a “brownie” at heart), I have to be honest: I didn’t expect the amount of work and product it would take to keep my hair healthy at this point. Do I regret … Continue reading #BlondeAmbition: Rescue Me!

Like A (Bleach) Virgin – What Happens When Dark Brown Hair And Bleach Mix?

The short answer: orange. After my first appointment, I am now, basically, a red-head. The technical term for my very warm, light brown/dark blonde color is “brassy.” Sounds like a nightmare, right? Actually, it was exactly what we expected. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I made the choice to go lighter in stages … Continue reading Like A (Bleach) Virgin – What Happens When Dark Brown Hair And Bleach Mix?