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NEW at Beauty Collection This Month

We’re always hard at work testing new products and bringing our favorites into our stores for you. Here are a few of the newest items you’ll find this month*: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer The L.A. photo studio pros at Smashbox developed this blendable do-it-all primer to neutralize imperfections, bring color to life, lock in shadow and put a lid on annoying … Continue reading NEW at Beauty Collection This Month

#askBC: How Can I Protect My Hair Color at Home?

Q: I finally took the plunge and went platinum! I love my new look, but my roommate says my normal shampoo will wash out my color. Is she right? –GoldyLocks in WeHo A: Good question! Now that you’ve decided to change your color, it’s probably time to rethink your shampoo, too – especially if you … Continue reading #askBC: How Can I Protect My Hair Color at Home?

#BlondeAmbition: Rescue Me!

More than two months have past, and can I just say it? BLONDES ARE HIGH MAINTENANCE! Brunette jokes aside (cuz I’ll always be a “brownie” at heart), I have to be honest: I didn’t expect the amount of work and product it would take to keep my hair healthy at this point. Do I regret … Continue reading #BlondeAmbition: Rescue Me!