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HOW AN ACCIDENT LED TO A LIFE-CHANGING FORMULA Paralyzed from the neck down at 28 years old, Francesco Clark defied their predictions and began a miraculous recovery process. One consequence of Francesco’s critical injury, a painful skin condition—his body had lost its ability to sweat out toxins—led to a new career of developing the most … Continue reading DID YOU KNOW ABOUT IT?

Natural Nights

BY ANN H. CARLSON A good night’s sleep is one of life’s most precious commodities, but it can also be a challenge to pull off consistently. Miss out on the opportunity to zonk out for eight hours, and it starts to show – especially as pesky under-eye bags. When you don’t think there are enough … Continue reading Natural Nights

In The Press

Every month, several of our favorite beauty products get love from top websites, tv shows, and magazines. Here are a few highlights from recent press: Tip: use it as a night cream or if you have very dry skin, as a leave-on daytime moisturizer. Facebook Live Video US Weekly January, 2017 Becca’s new primer has a … Continue reading In The Press

#askBC: How Do I Banish These Breakouts?

Q: Ugh! My zits are driving me crazy. I thought I’d left breakouts behind in high school, but now it seems like my acne is here to stay. Is there anything I can do to get it under control before my best friend’s wedding this summer?  –Frustrated in Calabasas A: We feel you! Blemishes always pop … Continue reading #askBC: How Do I Banish These Breakouts?