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Spring Makeover: Go Fresh-Faced!

A natural, youthful complexion is always runway-ready this time of year. The trick is finding subtle, neutral hues that enhance your natural skin tone, especially for your lips and cheeks. Dewey skin is still in – but the effect should be radiant, not too sweaty. This luminous spring look is easy to pull off. Even … Continue reading Spring Makeover: Go Fresh-Faced!

In The Press

Every month, several of our favorite beauty products get love from top websites, tv shows, and magazines. Here are a few highlights from recent press: Tip: use it as a night cream or if you have very dry skin, as a leave-on daytime moisturizer. Facebook Live Video US Weekly January, 2017 Becca’s new primer has a … Continue reading In The Press

All-American Beauty

The All-American Beauty. Some say that it’s an unattainable ideal. Others suggest the concept is dead. We say, “Throw your old standards of beauty out the window!” It’s time to accept that, in this beautiful melting pot of a nation, true beauty is our diversity of shapes, shades, and textures. It’s every person’s unique individuality. … Continue reading All-American Beauty