Natura Bissé Deep Exfoliating Facial

Natura Bissé Deep Exfoliating Facial

You always want to put your best face forward, especially for a special occasion. No matter what you are celebrating, first treat yourself to our professional Natura Bissé Deep Exfoliating Facial, specially created to revitalize and re-energize mature skin.

Natura Bisse

Barcelona-based Natura Bissé is a well-known luxury spa brand with a celebrity following, but the underlying technology is even more important to Tiffany Gramza, the esthetician in our Malibu store. “The science behind it is pretty unparalleled,” she says.

Enter the Natura Bissé Deep Exfoliating Facial, which features five different alphahydroxies and several exfoliating ingredients to noticeably improve the skin’s hydration and texture. Spoiler: The stimulating facial massage not only feels wonderful, but it maximizes the benefits, too.

“This deep-exfoliating facial is comparable to microdermabrasion without any aggravation to the skin,” Tiffany says.

The hour-long treatment kicks off with a three-step glycolic peel. This process detoxifies and deeply exfoliates the skin, which both rejuvenates the complexion and helps maximize the effect of your skin care products at home.

Next comes the peptide therapy, followed by an intensely calming and hydrating algae mask, which helps lock in the benefits to your skin. Safe for all skin types, this facial will leave your skin more energized and restored.

Of course, you don’t need an excuse like a reunion or a wedding to treat yourself to something special. Book an appointment any time with our professional estheticians. What are you waiting for?