Concealer: Miracle Skin Transformer Delivers Natural Coverage

Miracle Skin Transformer is the creation of long-time beauty industry insider Sarah McNamara. Her inspiration? Sarah found that women in all aspects of her field wanted a multitasking product that could still achieve a beautiful and flawless result. Don’t we all?

After spending years developing the line, Sarah created a revolutionary new product to hydrate, protect and enhance the skin all in one step. Miracle Skin Transformer was born. Since then, the MST line has grown from the original face product, concealer and body enhancer to a brand of products designed to work together to give you beautiful skin from head to toe. And as part of MST’s commitment to great skin, all of the products are tested by dermatologists.

miracle skin transformer family

How It Works 

What makes Miracle Skin Transformer so unique is the M3 Complex that only this line uses. Each product contains a blend of antioxidants and vitamins that treat, soothe, and enhance the skin. All of these skin-nourishing goodies are encapsulated into tiny beads that serve as a plant-derived silicone base for direct delivery to the skin MST Treat & Conceal in particular contains marine collagen, soothing white rose, and color-correcting minerals to transform discolorations and minimize the appearance of wrinkles with a simple pat and blend.

Plant-derived collagen and vitamin F help fight the signs of aging, while salicylic acid treats blemishes without over-drying the skin. Vitamin K, well known for its use to diminish the appearance of bruises, also helps fight dark circles and broken capillaries for a brighter-eyed look. White rose and chamomile work to soothe skin and act as natural anti-inflammatants to calm and minimize redness. The result? The first-ever naturally derived silicone concealer. Naturally, my friends. Of course, no fragrances, parabens or harsh chemicals are included to keep the formula as clean as possible.

Why I Love MST

Before I asked to review Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal, I was already a fan of the line. I have almost reached my one-year anniversary with the Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF 20 product, so I decided I wanted to give the concealer a shot.

The face product really does give you a velvety finish with an equal wash of color that is buildable. I love using it because I don’t need to apply a moisturizer, sunscreen or primer in addition to my face tint. It’s already all in there and makes my skin feel great.

If you are ever looking for a face product the achieves the soft-focus effect that can most of the time only be done with Photoshop, then this is a line you need to check out. Miracle Skin Transformer gives you a 100% natural-looking finish, and I think I like that the most. Nothing looks cakey or dry. You aren’t glowing like a shimmery Christmas ornament from highlighters or anything like that. I don’t believe in a 100% flawless, matte, doll-like look. With Miracle Skin Transformer, your skin feels moisturized, with enough coverage, and it’s a relief knowing you have SPF 20 for protection.

Consistency: The MST face product is whipped and smooth.
Consistency: The MST concealer is very lightweight and thin.

MST Treat & Conceal: Natural Coverage

MST Treat & Conceal has a very velvety powder feel to it, and you use very little for an entire face. I use concealer for a few things: the area under my eyes, which tends to be a little darker than I like; some post-acne scars; and some hyperpigmentation I’ve developed over the  years of living in sunny California. I used even less than a pea-sized dab for everything each time.

It really only took a thin swipe with my pinky then patting into the area that gave me the coverage I needed. I was also able to do a second layer (thinly) under my eyes to brighten them a bit more. It felt as if I was swiping on pure mineral color to just the areas that needed it.

where i apply mst concealer

In the past, I’ve used liquid concealers and pot concealers, which I’ve applied with sponges and brushes. With this concealer, you eliminate the need for an additional tool. Just use your pinky or ring finger to apply, and pat to blend.

I probably could have gone a shade darker with the concealer (I chose light/medium, and I use the “medium tan” face product), although it still did a very nice job of giving me the natural coverage I look for. I like my few freckles and don’t mind if they show through my face products. What I don’t want to show is the scarring from pimples I attempted to destroy in the past.

This is where I apply the face product.
After the pat-and-blend: This is how natural my skin looks using only MST products.

Would I recommend this product to you readers? I most definitely would!  I would recommend the face product, too. You don’t need to use both together, but I do think that if you like one, you’re going to like the other.

Final look: I added a little blush, bronzer, and mascara and I'm all set!

So, we want to know: Are there any beauty products that you have a long-term relationship with?  Share in the comments below!



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