Leslie Durso

Introducing Leslie Durso, Vegan Chef and our July #celebBeautyCurator

We’re so excited to announce our July #celebBeautyCurator: Leslie Durso! “A vegan chef and healthy living educator, Leslie Durso is the glowing face of a fresher plant-based movement that refuses to compromise style for sustainability. ” (read full bio here)

Here she shares her philosophy on beauty:

As a little girl and aspiring model I was always in my Mom’s makeup drawer. I would put on the brightest lipstick I could find and do my best poses in the mirror. I also learned a lot from both of my grandmothers. One grandmother was the epitome of style! She would have her hair “set” every week and her nails and lipstick always matched perfectly. Her outfits were flawless and everything was perfect. My other grandmother is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, but she rarely wears a stitch of makeup. For her, beauty is all about letting your inner beauty shine. I realize I fall somewhere down the middle. I have learned to feel just as beautiful with no makeup as I do all made up for a red carpet appearance.

For me, looking beautiful is feeling beautiful. I have lots of quirks about my face I wish were different, I suppose we all do. For me, I feel beautiful when I embrace them, instead of hiding them. Instead of conturing my nose to make it appear smaller, I often turn my head in a photoshoot and let them photograph my profile. Strong features are what make us different and unique.

I don’t have one particular beauty icon. I’m more inspired by women in my life and ones I meet on the street. Women who have an inner confidence are the most beautiful to me. Women so happy with their inner appearance that they shine!

We’ll be sharing Leslie’s favorite vegan beauty products and eco-chic health and lifestyle tips all month long. Check back next week to see Leslie’s favorite classic beauty items – you might discover some new favorites of your own in the list! And follow Leslie online -@LeslieDurso – for great recipes, eco tips and style tricks: