Full Rejuvenated Hair with Design me.

Design.ME welcomes you to the new generation
of hair youth! We have created the mother of all treatments Fab.ME; a leave-in treatment containing 18 hair benefits that rejuvenates your mane with a spritz of a bottle.
To show what Fab.ME is made of, we found a boss babe whose hair was in need of a major upgrade. Her hair was colored, damaged and dehydrated. Along with a simple wash and blow dry, Fab.ME brings her hair back to its youthful self!



While Fab.ME provides many benefits when applied to dry hair, we highly recommend to rinse and wash hair to maximize its full potential.


When used on damp hair, Fab.ME restores the hair’s shine and luster. While applying, section out the hair and spray from roots to ends. Its leave-in treatment deeply penetrates hair follicles to hydrate, protect, and strengthen.


After applying, Fab.ME enhances the hair’s manageability and acts as an excellent detangler for those with long locks. Split ends will be noticeably smoother, as our treatment prevents breakage and protects against environmental damage!


After brushing, you are ready to blow
dry and style any which way you choose. While our spray is compatible with any styling product, know that Fab.ME combats frizz and static, leaving hair
silky smooth. It will totally cut down
on your blow drying time!


Combine Fab.ME with our other amazing products to customize your look. PowerDry.ME offers heat and UV protection while cutting drying time in half. Puff.ME is a spray powder that offers exceptional volume and hold. Used together, you’ll get the healthy, full style of your dreams!