From Australia with LOVE

by Ann H. Carlson

The legendary elixir of youth may always remain elusive — but for us mere mortals, Mother Nature has a few potent anti-aging tricks up her sleeve.

The luxurious Jurlique Nutri-Define antiaging skin care collection harnesses the power of nature’s finest ingredients to minimize wrinkles and lines for even, radiant skin.

Read on to discover the secrets of this five-step replenishing ritual, developed with love in Australia.

Baby your skin in five simple steps with this luxurious anti-aging regimen.




Gently purify your skin while minimizing wrinkles with the creamy Nutri-Define Refining Foaming Cleanser .

This formula’s delicate polishing beads refine the skin’s texture to restore a smooth, glowing complexion.



Say goodbye to crow’s feet with Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm .

Created to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes, this rich formula targets deep lines and sagging skin for a firmer, more youthful appearance.


HOT tip!

For maximum coverage, always use a circular motion to massage the cleansing foam into your skin.


Smooth away unwanted lines, wrinkles and dark spots with this rich, botanical-based collection.

To promote firmer, more radiant skin, the silky- smooth Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising Facial Serum offers a special contouring complex to minimize sagging skin and smooth away deep lines and wrinkles. Just a pump or two will leave skin feeling more vital and soft.



Complete your skin-care routine with the Nutri- Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream, an anti-aging formula infused with botanical oils to help restore the skin’s optimal moisture balance. This hydrating cream reduces the appearance of telltale wrinkles and fatigue to put your freshest face forward


HOT tip!
To wake up tired eyes, use the metal-ball spatula to dot the Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm around the orbital bone of each eye. Starting at the inside corner of your eye, gently glide the spatula from dot to dot to evenly distribute the balm for maximum effect.