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Work What Your Mother [Nature] Gave Ya!

Tremendous tresses. Most of us spend so much time wishing for them that we don’t see what’s right in front of – erm,… around? – our faces. With these all-natural products, we can harness nature to enhance our hair’s naturally unique and wonderful qualities. It Takes All Kinds. The foundation of all beauty is health. … Continue reading Work What Your Mother [Nature] Gave Ya!

Is Mineral Makeup Right For You?

When you love makeup, it doesn’t always love you back. Dry skin, breakouts and other signs of skin irritation can all be side effects of using the wrong product for your skin type. If your regular foundation is causing the breakouts you’re trying to conceal, it’s time to make a switch. Enter mineral makeup. This … Continue reading Is Mineral Makeup Right For You?

How “Clean” Is Your Shampoo?

We all know that stylish habits like booking color treatments or being overzealous with hot tools can cause hair damage – but did you know that some common shampoo ingredients can hurt your hair, too? To promote healthy hair, most natural hair-care brands work to avoid the following: Silicones. These fillers coat the hair, which … Continue reading How “Clean” Is Your Shampoo?

A Nose For Naturals

Fresh, floral scents are a must for this time of year – which is why natural fragrances are such a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day. Made from nature’s finest ingredients, these beautiful scents offer the perfect accent for every ensemble. What’s on the label. Natural fragrances blend essential oils extracted directly from your favorite flowers, … Continue reading A Nose For Naturals