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#AndieFights40: Goldfaden MD Helps Me Face My 40th Birthday

CONFESSION: I am less than a month from my 40th birthday, and I am FREAKING. OUT. I know, it’s dumb. This time next year, I’ll be looking back at this and laughing at myself. But for now, I’m not handling this upcoming birthday well. So what does a woman in my position do? Call in … Continue reading #AndieFights40: Goldfaden MD Helps Me Face My 40th Birthday

Get A Natural Glow With Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

As Earth Month draws to a close, we bring you this beautiful, natural makeup look that’s perfect for daytime throughout the year. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are a healthy makeup line that uses only the purest, premium grade minerals with no nano-particles. They also avoid synthetic ingredients like alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrance (phthalates), talc, and petroleum.

Youngblood products used: Mineral Primer, Liquid Mineral Foundation, Ultimate Concealer, Mineral Radiance in Sundance, Mineral Radiance Illuminating Moisture Tint in Golden Sun, Luminous Creme Blush in Pink Cashmere, Mineral Rice Setting Powder, and Intimatte Mineral Matte Lipstick in Flirt (new shade for Spring 2016!).

You can find Youngblood online (limited products) and at our Calabasas location.

REVIEW: Skinsorials by bareMinerals

Your favorite mineral makeup brand, bareMinerals, recently launched a series of skincare products. If you love their makeup, you’re going to want to try this regimen, which stays true to bareMinerals’ mission to provide natural, effective beauty. I tried some of the products for you, and I am loving the look and feel of my skin … Continue reading REVIEW: Skinsorials by bareMinerals

Fight wrinkles while you sleep

Peel. Treat. Sleep. Repeat. Ferulic + Retinol from Dr. Dennis Gross Repair wrinkles with a unique blend of antioxidants which makes retinol more moisturizing, more powerful, and less irritating. Dr. Dennis Gross found a way to make Retinol perform even better by adding Ferulic Acid. The combination helps both ingredients penetrate the skin more effectively … Continue reading Fight wrinkles while you sleep

Best of “New” Beauty 2015

Each year, we add dozens of inspired, indulgent, and innovative products to our collection, and it’s exciting to see which of those new items you all love as much we do! Whether new to the market or just new to our stores, discovering awesome new beauty is the most fun part of what we do. … Continue reading Best of “New” Beauty 2015