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Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Sheer Shine Mist Review

This shine spray promises to deliver an even veil of shine to your hair that lasts all day. Since I’m a sucker for straight, shiny, healthy hair, I was psyched to try this spray. The olive oil in the serum even claims to protect hair. Women from Ancient Egypt to Greece have long used olive oil on their hair and skin as a natural conditioner. Why shouldn’t modern women reap the olive oil benefits as well?

The Claim: Fekkai‘s legendary shine collection infuses new Encapsulated Shine-Release Complex in its winning olive oil formula to renew shine all day, strand by strand, minute by minute.

The Verdict: The bottle sprayed a light mist over my hair that covered it evenly in light-reflecting particles. It didn’t weigh my hair down at all. It was surprisingly versatile, as one day I sprayed it on as I was walking out the door for a natural, healthy look. Another day, I sprayed two sprays on and pulled my hair back into a sleek bun. Both days I got compliments on my healthy-looking hair! The smell of the product is subtle, but you can definitely tell that olive oil is a main ingredient.

The Bottom Line: I am completely obsessed with this shine spray. I use it every day after I blow dry my hair to give it a light finish. The only thing sad is the small size, I’m going to have to buy more eventually!

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Klorane Oatmilk Gentle Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoos seem daunting at first, but I can assure you, they are one of the most important tools in your hair-care arsenal. Washing hair daily can strip it of its natural conditioners, but if you are prone to greasy hair or go to the gym on a daily basis, you may not feel comfortable skipping a day of shampooing. Enter dry shampoo. It cleans hair without water, allowing you to extend the time between shampoos.

The Claim: Klorane Oatmilk Gentle Dry Shampoo lets you clean hair without ever getting it wet. No shower necessary.

The Verdict: Of all the dry shampoos I have used, this one is by far the most gentle. After I sprayed the shampoo onto my roots, I used my blow dryer to style my hair normally. It looked fresh and smelled clean. I would avoid using any type of dry shampoo on the ends of your hair.

The Bottom Line: I enjoyed this dry shampoo, especially the surprisingly pleasant smell. I plan on using this between washings during the week in order to save time and save my hair from drying out! This is a good first dry shampoo to try, as it is not as radical as some of the liquid forms or as difficult to apply as the powders. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone wishing to extend the life of their shampoo!

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Rodial SPF 18 Glamtox Review

After this deep moisturizer was featured on the Martha Stewart show, everyone wanted to get their hands on the new miracle worker. Touted as a “non-invasive alternative to surgery,” it advertises the ability to plump skin and fill in wrinkles to give an overall younger look. As 20-year-old student, my hopes were not high for this having any effect on my skin. I like to think that through plenty of rest, drinking water and eating my vegetables, my skin retains elasticity. However, I sure was thankful for this product during a particularly stressful week this semester.

The Claim: To look younger without the needles or the knives.

The Verdict: This light-weight lotion reduced the puffiness in my eyes and made my skin just ever so subtly…better. Not necessarily anything concrete, but just the feeling you get when you know that an invisible layer of magic is working to relax your under-eye circles. My dry skin loved the feel of this lotion, as it was very moisturizing without being too heavy. I also love the fact that it has an SPF of 18, as I am a firm supporter of daily sun protection. I believe that even my oily skinned friends would be impressed. On a whim one afternoon, I applied this to my thighs, and I must say, they looked visibly firmer, though I will not be advocating smearing expensive cream on your entire body.

The Bottom Line: I will for sure save this for stressful times and days when I’ve racked up an especially big sleep debt, but I do not yet feel the need to be rigorous about applying this daily. On a plus note, I know what to get my mom for her birthday!

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Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum Product Review

I must start this review with a confession. I have exceptionally dry skin that is not at all prone to breakouts, therefore I knew from the beginning that this product was not for me. When I used it once to see what it was like, my suspicions were correct: it dried my skin out like no other. However, I gave the product to a friend who has oily skin and is very prone to breakouts. Here is the review and verdict according to the experiences of my friend.

The Claim: A powerful fruit acid complex of certified organic apple, lemon and raw cane sugar blended with salicylic acid, juice antioxidants and coenzyme Q10 to help reduce blemishes for a beautiful, radiant complexion.

The Verdict: The pleasant smell and the attractive packaging helped to remove the “medicine” stigma so many acne products carry. This one even felt different, as it was not overly oily. After using the product for two days, people already began to notice a difference.

The Bottom Line: This product would be perfect for someone with mild acne who was looking for a more natural, less chemical answer. Although my friend rarely uses products like this, they said outright that they would buy another bottle when the sample ran out. It works best for keeping skin in line between severe breakouts that would require a stronger solution. I personally take skincare very seriously.

Beautiful skin is the foundation for all other fun beauty products; this is NOT the area to be thrifty. If a product helps keep you clear and radiant, it is completely worth it.

What blemish control products work well for you? Do you have a favorite skincare routine? Let me know!

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The Lip Scrub and The Lip Slip by Sara Happ Product Review

The reputation of this pair of cult products precedes them. Having never tried either before, I was nervous that my expectations were set too high. However, I knew the minute I unscrewed the cap of the scrub and I was met with the scrumptious scent of pure cocoa that this was a good product.

The Lip Scrub—Cocoa

The Claim: Eliminates dry, flaky skin to leave lips ridiculously soft and supple.

The Verdict: I could feel the scrub softening my lips immediately, but it was gentle on my dry lips. I was unsure about just wiping off the extra without rinsing, but I actually enjoyed still smelling and tasting the cocoa.

The Lip Slip

The Claim: A balm like no other, The Lip Slip leaves no color–just the richest, glossiest hydration imaginable.

The Verdict: Think of the amount of lip balm you normally use. Cut it in half, and err on the scant side. The first time I used this I put on WAY too much, and it left my lips ridiculously goopy. However, once I learned that a little dab will do ya, I was able to truly appreciate the amazingly perfect natural tint and the satiny-smooth feel.

The Bottom Line:

What is really great about Sara Happ’s products is that the tiniest bit will deliver results. The jars look small, but they last forever. I have been using the scrub steadily for a week and it still looks completely full. I can confidently recommend these products as a worthy investment in the softest lips ever!

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