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Q: I love my new beachy highlights, but I’m worried they will fade if I get too much sun. What can I do to protect my hair color when I’m outside?

– Always Sunny in Calabasas 

A: Everyone knows that sunscreen protects skin against sunburns, but we don’t always think about the damage sun exposure can do to the hair, too. Over time, direct sunlight can leave hair extremely dry – and it can leech away hair color, too.

To maximize your time between color treatments, your best bet is using a hair product with built-in UV protection, which acts a little like a sunscreen for your hair.

“Just like the face should be protected, the hair should be protected,” says Gloria Araniva, hair stylist at Beauty Collection Calabasas. “A lot of hair products have UV filters to protect the hair from getting brittle, drying and fading.”

These primarily oil-based products – with ingredients such as sunflower seed oil – help protect hair color and moisture while you are out in the sun. “The idea behind SPF for the hair and for the skin are similar, but they do not use the same ingredients,” Araniva explains.

Before you hit the beach this summer, remember to boost your hair’s sun protection with one of these great recommendations from Araniva:

Color care. Whether you are rocking the hottest hue or your natural color, Araniva recommends spritzing on some UV protection to keep your hair from fading. Made with natural UV filters from wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils, the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is a lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that minimizes damage and dryness from sun exposure.

Aveda Sun Shield

Hot tip! Just like you wouldn’t put sunscreen lotion on your hair, UV hair sprays won’t work on your face. Remember to keep your complexion well protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreen like Araniva’s favorite Natura Bissé Ceutical Extra Smooth High Protection SPF 50, which soothes, protects, hydrates and corrects the skin.

Heat protection. If you rely on your styling tools to get you out the door, you need double protection from heat and sun rays, recommends Araniva. Enter Bumble & bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil heat/UV protective primer. Before styling, simply spray on this protective mist made with six featherlight oils to guard against heat-induced breakage and frizz as well as sun damage.

Beach bag must. When you are hitting the beach or the pool, you need to reapply your hair UV protection before and after swimming, just as you would with sunscreen, advises Araniva. Make sure to keep your Sun Bum Beach Formula 3 In 1 Leave In conditioner handy to protect, detangle and condition your hair with protective ingredients like coconut oil and banana peel.

Sun Bum Leave-In

Hot tip! After a day at the beach, finish up your hair routine with the Sun Bum Beach Formula Shine On lightweight oil treatment to restore shine.

Nourishing oil. Sun protection is important when you are out and about, even if you’re just going shopping, Araniva notes. Give extra-dry hair a hydrating boost with Rene Furterer Solaire Protective Summer Oil. With an aroma of grapefruit, apricot, coconut and jasmine, this UV treatment will protect hair without weighing it down.

Rene Furterer Huile Solaire

Sun and shine. After sun exposure, hair can look dull. Restore that shine with the Fekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Mist, which offers sun protection with a radiance boost. The weightless mist also protects hair from color fade and dehydration.

Fekkai Pre-Soleil

Hot tip! A broad-brimmed hat helps shield the skin and hair from sun damage – but it can also leave hair creased and greasy when you’re back inside. Bounce back from hat hair with a dry shampoo like Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD), which Araniva recommends to soak up excess oil.

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