ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift

What’s the secret to firm, youthful skin? Believe it or not, it’s a small amount of electricity!

Low electrical currents produced naturally in our bodies keep our skin in shape. Of course, over time, we start losing some of the electrical current – and with it goes our skin’s elasticity and youthful look. Enter the ReFa PRO Platinum Electronic Roller, the beauty tool designed to give you an instant lift. No wonder it’s caused such a sensation in Japan!

ReFaPRO1 ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift

This little device is HEAVEN! The ReFa PRO emits an extra-low electrical current (micro-current), which is close to the low electrical currents that occur naturally in our skin. The ReFa PRO uses ball bearings coated in platinum to assist with the facial contours and promote the electrical current in our skin. Instantly, your skin feels firmer, and you may even get an instant “lift” from your first use.

Review: Great Results

When I first saw the ReFa PRO, I thought it was just a fancy massaging tool. Yes, it does massage, and it looks cool, but it’s so much more than that! I was skeptical at first: How can something that you don’t charge or don’t feel actually work? So, I got to work and started on my face. What I noticed is that my cheek bones seems to “pop” a little bit more, defining my face just slightly but so that it was noticeable.

Me with ReFa ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift

Here I am with the ReFa PRO - it's so easy to use!

You do not need to apply a lot of pressure –  just hold it, then press and roll upwards and back with slight pressure. You aren’t going to “feel” anything – no pain, vibration, shock or anything like that. I will warn you, you may feel slightly relaxed, and as if you are getting a massage. Not to worry, that’s normal. icon smile ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift

To treat your facial contours, you will want to move the device from the jawline toward the ear, then from the mouth to the corner of the eye. You can also flip the device over (the solar panel side to your face) for more precise areas. You will want to go back and forth on that specific area 10 times, and then move on the the next area. You can use the ReFa PRO on your clean, bare face; after using your favorite moisturizer; or on top of makeup (just make sure you clean the device really well afterward). You can also use the device on your forehead and head (it feels amazing for a little head massage!).

A Handy Multitasker

Oh, did I forget to mention that you can use the ReFa PRO on your body as well? YES! You can use it on your body, too! Trust me, this feels AMAZING. Sore muscles, contouring, whatever your reason, use it anywhere on your body. It helps firm, lift and relax your entire face and body. It has a 131.8-degree design that mimics the hands of your aesthetician giving you a massage. icon smile ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift Bye-bye, sore muscles! Hello, toned skin!  Arms, neck. chest, waist, legs: The ReFA PRO does it all.

Me with ReFa leg 207x300 ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift

I'm now treating my legs with the ReFa - love the results on my arms!

After trying it on my face, I started to treat my arms. Aside from just relaxing me, I am actually starting to see a slight difference after a couple weeks. They just seem a little tighter (Wooohoooo!). I have moved on to treating my legs, and I cannot wait to see the outcome!

The platinum coating makes the ReFa PRO water-resistant. That means you can use it while relaxing in a bath (just not  extremely hot baths, you don’t want to damage it). Another plus: You can use the point of the device to put pressure on any sore muscles: Find the sore area, push for 3 seconds and release. You can do this on the bottom of your soles to relieve tired, aching feet, too.

Solar Power

How, you ask, does this little roller create such results? The ReFa PRO uses a solar panel that charges the ball bearings in order for them to create the electrical currents. Solar panel? YES! No need to be around an outlet. That means you can take it and use it ANYWHERE.

Solar Panel ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift

The ReFa PRO uses solar power to recharge - here's the solar panel!

No, this doesn’t mean you can leave the device in the sun, and it will be good to go. The ReFa PRO charges just fine under indirect sunlight, and even indoor light is just perfect. Direct sunlight may disfigure the device and, well, that wouldn’t be good.

As you can see, there are no buttons to press and nowhere to “plug in.” The ReFa PRO’s lightweight design and practicality make it the perfect portable go-to device. Use it while in the shower, while watching TV, in bed, or on a break at work!  It also comes with a small bag to store it in and a cloth to clean it between uses.

Ladies (and gents), I hope I gave you some insight into this wonderful new device. The ReFa Pro really is a multi-tasking product that you can use to help relax, tighten and, well, make you look and feel good. And don’t forget: Beauty Collection is giving you $30 ReFa PRO bucks towards the purchase of a ReFa PRO this month only! Check out the details below.

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ReFaPRO ReFa PRO Review: Give Your Skin an Instant Lift


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