Move Over Faberge Eggs: Check Out These Beauties!

Last Friday, you beauties flocked to our holiday Facebook quiz: If you were an Easter egg, how would you be decorated, and where would you be hiding? You are all so creative! We loved your responses so much, we just couldn’t resist taking you on our first annual Beauty Collection blog Easter egg hunt. C’mon!

FabergeEgg 300x196 Move Over Faberge Eggs: Check Out These Beauties!

After a scrumptious Easter brunch of pink jelly beans and chocolate bunny ears, we Beauty Collection bloggers are on the hunt for some beautiful Easter eggs.

Of course, we can’t begin without a quick touchup on our makeup. Reaching for a compact, what do we find? Why, a bejeweled purple egg with glitter and rhinestones [Meghan JoAnna Peters], of course. We are off to a fab start!

Let’s take this outside. What’s that shimmering in that hollow log over there? Oooo. A purple gold-dusted egg. [Robin Jedele-Pescador] And it’s hard to miss that pink sparkly one hiding in the knot in the tree. [Holly Arledge]

Since we’re out here, we might as well check the mail. Well, what do you know? Someone delivered a bright green egg with leopard print. Cool! [Monica Paige Blöhm]

Let’s ride out to the farm. Hey, who put this tie-dyed egg on the seat of our Harley? [Darlene DeLancy Moore] 

The farmer gives us a quick tour of the chicken coop. Boy, is he surprised to find a bright yellow egg with cheery pink polka dots under his hen! [Cindy Batchelor]

The farmer takes us inside for an Easter sing-a-long, where there’s a brick-red egg with flame designs resting in the fireplace. [Lisa Olsen] He’s just getting to the best part of “Old MacDonald” when a black-and-white paisley egg rolls out of his guitar. [Jenea Ruthem]

Out of the corner of our eyes, we spot a swirly pink egg with heart designs perched sneakily on the overhead fan. [Tracy Haidle] This reminds the farmer of that time in Woodstock when he found a tie-dyed egg in the middle of Jimi Hendrix’s solo. [Chad Chingwa]

All this hunting is making us hungry. Wait! Is that a tangerine-toned egg with neon swirls [Lisa Bundrick] next to my chocolate Easter bunny? And where did its ears go?

We’re done, we think, but that’s only eleven! The one we’ll never find is a pretty, swirly periwinkle tucked in the laundry basket. [Trisha Scott] No one does laundry on Easter, right?

Hope you enjoyed the hunt as much as we did. Happy Easter, beauties!

Thanks to all of you for participating in our Facebook quiz! Congratulations to Cindy Batchelor (bright yellow with pink polka dots), who won our mystery beauty basket. Keep checking in with us on Facebook for more great giveaways.


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