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Prom Hairstyles: Three DIY Updos We Love

We all know the most important part of prom is having the most beautiful, bold and unique dress that will get you noticed. But let’s not forget about the other important part of this special occasion: your prom hairstyle.

First of all, you want to make sure your prom ‘do coordinates with your dress. There are quite a few trends this year to match your look, whether you’re feeling traditional or a little daring. On this year’s dance floor, you’ll see messy updos, half updos, soft buns, braids, ponytails and flat-ironed hair.

Volare Kit Prom Hairstyles: Three DIY Updos We Love

Many girls get their hair done by a professional for this special event, but if you are like me, you’re a do-it-yourself kind of gal. That’s why I’ve put together a guide for three of the hottest prom hairstyles that are easy to do and gorgeous, too!

What You’ll Need

Aside from your favorite brushes, combs, and that trusty blow dryer, you’ll want to have the following products at the ready to do that ‘do:

1. Curling iron. The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1″ spring curling iron works really well for achieving those spiral curls.

2. Hairspray. I would definitely try Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray, as it’s great for quick drying.

3. Mousse. Pump up the volume with Michael O’Rourke’s Size Matters Big Volume Root Pump mousse.

4. Shine spray. For the finishing touch, try MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine Spray for frizz-free, long-lasting shine.

5. Hair embellishments. Adding hair embellishments from MaddylooLavender Girl, or Mona Lisa (all three brands available in Beauty Collection stores) to any of these prom hairstyles will definitely get you noticed on the dance floor. Check out this Glam hair tie from Maddyloo:

Maddyloo Glam Prom Hairstyles: Three DIY Updos We Love

Tip: You’ll also need loads of bobby pins—and definitely keep some extras handy in your clutch for emergency hair fixes!

Now without further ado, here are the three promised updos.

The Messy Updo

You can basically do anything you want with a messy up-do—there is absolutely no wrong way to create this trendy hairstyle. There are many celebrities [like the Olsen twins] who love the messy updo for their red carpet appearances. These styles work best with a bit of wave or curl.


Messy Updo Prom Hairstyles: Three DIY Updos We Love

Ashley Olsen

The look: Ashley Olsen pulls off this casual chic ‘do with an extreme side part. Her messy waves are collected in a tousled bun at the back, while loose strands frame her face to soften the look.

Tip: The keys to this better-than-bedhead style are lots of finger tousling and a liberal amount of hair spray. But go with a lighter-weight spray like Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray–you want a natural, soft look, not helmet-head!

Do it yourself: Follow this easy step-by-step guide to pull off this popular style. You’ll love this deconstructed ‘do!

The Half Updo

If you wear your hair down most of the time, prom is definitely the night to change things up a bit! The half updo shows off your gorgeous tresses with a bit of extra definition. Best of all, it lifts the hair up out of your face so that you don’t have to keep brushing it back to catch a glimpse of your date.

It’s also a fab option for those of us who love to accessorize! Hair embellishments with jewel accessories are a must for these types of ‘dos.

carrieunderwoodhairstyles halfupdo Prom Hairstyles: Three DIY Updos We Love

Carrie Underwood

The look: Country diva Carrie Underwood wows with a romantic half updo that combines lots of luscious curls with a mini-bouffant and sweeping bangs.

Tip: Some girls go for a bump extension to boost that bouffant, but you can also pull it off on your own. Starting from the bottom, just tease the underside of this section of your hair with a comb. Flip your hair back upright and lightly comb through the front to smooth it. This will give you some volume for this half updo. Remember to polish the look with loose spiral curls (did we mention the marvelous Babyliss Pro curling iron?).

Do it yourself: With the help of this great step-by-step guide, you’ll be on your way to prom!


The Loose Side Bun

Today’s elegant hairstyles are moving away from the stiff “shellacked” look. A beautiful, simple twist on a traditional ‘do is the loose side bun. Best of all, it’s one of the easiest updos to do!

becki side bun Prom Hairstyles: Three DIY Updos We Love

Becki Newton


The look: Becki Newton pulls off a soft, romantic style with a loose side bun and elegant side-swept bangs.

Tip: Volume is the name of the game here, ladies, so use a combo of mousse, blowdrying at the roots, and light teasing for extra body. (Note: A curling iron might be needed to add texture to straight hair.)

Do it yourself: Follow these simple steps to achieve this easy, elegant prom style.


So, what do you think, ladies? Now that your makeup, nails and hair are done, get out there and have some fun!


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