Microdermabrasion: Why We Love PMD

Do you wish that you had the time and money for one of those expensive professional microdermabrasion treatments? I never thought I would need one because, to me, my skin seemed fine. I didn’t have a whole lot of breakouts, and when I did, the evidence was hidden in my hairline. So I thought, no biggie. Boy, was I wrong! My skin was far from “fine.” The older I got, the more my skin lost its glow. I started getting more breakouts in more noticeable areas, and I noticed discoloration on my skin—not cool at all.

So, I was ecstatic to receive my PMD Personal Microderm System, a handheld tool designed to provide the same level of exfoliation and mild skin resurfacing you’d get from a professional—without the professional price tag. I couldn’t wait to try it!

 Microdermabrasion: Why We Love PMD

How It Works

Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive exfoliation procedure that resurfaces the skin for a youthful, flawless complexion. By removing dead cells from the outermost layer of skin, microdermabrasion magics away imperfections like blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and even scarring to make way for the healthy, younger skin cells underneath.

Janelle Muldner was one of the first estheticians to bring microdermabrasion to the United States from Europe over 25 years ago. She teamed up with Dr. Mark Taylor, a world-renowned laser surgeon and dermatologist, to create the PMD Personal Microderm System for at-home use.

With a combination of aluminum oxide crystals and vacuum suction, the PMD Personal Microderm System smoothes away dead skin cells to reveal the younger skin underneath. You only have to use the device once a week to minimize imperfections and get back that youthful glow. No wonder the system has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, and Extra!

Review: The Results Speak for Themselves

When I received the PMD Personal Microderm System, I could not wait to try it. I loved that everything was so organized. I didn’t have to turn the box upside down to find all of the pieces; everything had its own little cubbyhole. It also came with a very informational DVD that included video instructions on how to use the device.

pmd pic 252x300 Microdermabrasion: Why We Love PMD

The PMD Personal Microderm System may seem like it doesn’t hold a lot of power because of its small size, but this thing packs a lot of punch. All you need is a few swift swipes, and you’re done! (Warning: Definitely do not go over the same section of skin twice, especially if it’s your first time using the device, because applying the system too hard or too long on your face can temporarily cause burning and scarring.) The shape fits comfortably in my hands, and the device is super easy to maneuver. The discs were easy to attach, and I love how they are color-coordinated for each specific coarseness; blue for sensitive, green for medium, and red for coarse.

Colored Discs1 Microdermabrasion: Why We Love PMD

What I loved most about the PMD Personal Microderm System was that it did not hurt at all. When I used to think of microdermabrasion, my hairs would stick up on the back of my neck at the idea of “sanding” down my skin—but with this device, all my fears went away. The comfortable shape of the device makes it really easy to use in the comfort of my own home. It takes literally five minutes of use, and with continued weekly uses, you will achieve results.

I also loved the way my skin felt after using it, soft and smooth—you know the saying ‘”like a baby’s bottom”? Check out my before and after photos. You can really see the scarring I had on my face disappear—score! I know that with more use, my darkest scar on my forehead will be completely gone. The PMD Personal Microderm System is one of the best beauty tools that I have ever used, and it is definitely a great investment.


pmd before and after Microdermabrasion: Why We Love PMD

Product: PMD Personal Microderm System

Price: $179.00

Purchase: Available in stores at at beautycollection.com

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