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lalicious Logo [Review] LaLicious Sugar Souffle Scrub & Body ButterIf you haven’t heard of Lalicious already, then grab your cup of cocoa and read on.  LaLicious is an all-natural (paraben & sulfate-free) bath and body line, created by Jessica Kernochan.  In 2002, Jessica had an idea to make body care gifts for friends (at home) for Christmas, which has developed into a 5500 sq.ft eco-friendly facility just to keep up with the demand from customers!   Her ultra-moisturizing creations which include Whipped Body Soap, Body Oil, Sugar Souffle Scrub, and Body Butter come in a variety of scents, such as Tahitian Flower, Lily Mango, and Peppermint.  Each product in the line helps in maintaining youthful, hydrated skin with deeply penetrating, nourishing oils such as coconut, almond, and Vitamin E Oil.

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I was lucky enough to try the Sugar Souffle Scrub and Body Butter in Sugar Kiss, a warm vanilla (almost frosting-like) scent.  I had tried it out once before at a Beauty Collection in-store charity event and had put it on my must-try-more list!  Needless to say, when my package arrived I ripped open the box and couldn’t wait to crack these babies open and take a sniff.  Ahhh……a little bit of heaven, I’m telling you.

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LaLicious Sugar Souffle Body Scrub – 16oz – $32   

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First off, this scrub is amazing, no joke.  I am an exfoliation freak and have grown very picky on what I like.  I love that this scrub is sugar based instead of salt, that means no stinging and less scratchy-ness.  Because the winter has completely sucked the moisture out of my legs, I was in need of something that exfoliated, but at the same time moisturized.  I used the scrub all over my body, but noticed how well it kept my legs moisturized after the shower–you can even use this stuff as a shave oil after the sugar crystals rinse off.  I loved how I could just pat dry most of my body and off I could go.  A perfect gift for someone who wants to stick with all-natural, paraben & sulfate-free products, or who loves scented body products.  Sugar Kiss leaves behind a light vanilla sugar scent and can be intensified with the use of the body butter.

Sugar Kiss Body Butter 2 300x214 [Review] LaLicious Sugar Souffle Scrub & Body ButterLaLicious Body Butter – 8oz. – $25 

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Lalicious Body Butter is super-thick, but spreads nicely and is non-greasy.  Being able to take a scoop out and cover myself head to toe was wonderful!  I’ve gotten so many compliments on how nice I smell in my office building, I only wish I had a travel body spray to keep in my car! (hint,hint LaLicious) Not to mention, boyfriend-approved. The shea butter and aloe made my winter legs feel like they can come out of hiding for while, due to the beautiful sheen they have now.  This body butter is a true treat for pretty much anyone who comes in contact with it.  You don’t need severely dry skin to enjoy this– you can enjoy this when you give yourself a manicure and pedicure (like I did) or even a mini-spa treat for yourself at home?

I’ve used both products for a couple days straight now and I will say that its not necessary to get everything–but with one sniff I know your going to want the entire line, because I do!  I’ve already got my eye on some other scents (and for those of you concerned with overpowering scents, the coffee bean scrub rinses off right down the drain*) I “need” to buy, and plan to restock once I run out of one or the other.  Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes. A Co-worker? Yes. Let’s just say I put LaLicious on my wish list for this holiday, and if Santa doesn’t bring it this year, someones making a trip out to the store.

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