Bond no. 9 – Madison Square Park In-Store Now!

MADISON SQUARE PARK BY BOND NO. 9 IMAGE Bond no. 9   Madison Square Park In Store Now!

When it comes to Bond no. 9, half of the the fun is in the bottle.  From the imaginative Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue to the feminine Chinatown bottles, there is something for anyone’s artistic pleasure.  The latest Bond no. 9 is perfectly Pretty in Pink – seen here in the Madison Square Park EDP. Right on time for the Spring and Summer months, the fragrance literally blooms on your skin, with notes of Grape Hyacinth, Huckleberry, Prairie Dropseed Grass, Red Leaf Rose, Red Hunter Tulips, Hoptree, Teakwood, and Vetiver Root.  Celebrating the culture of Madison Square Park, and the upcoming changes to the elite neighborhood, the fragrance is a perfect reflection of what has been and what has come to be.

Purchase info – Bond no. 9 Madison Square Park is available now at all Beauty Collection locations.

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