Get A Natural Glow With Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

As Earth Month draws to a close, we bring you this beautiful, natural makeup look that’s perfect for daytime throughout the year. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are a healthy makeup line that uses only the purest, premium grade minerals with no nano-particles. They also avoid synthetic ingredients like alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrance (phthalates), talc, and petroleum.

Youngblood products used: Mineral Primer, Liquid Mineral Foundation, Ultimate Concealer, Mineral Radiance in Sundance, Mineral Radiance Illuminating Moisture Tint in Golden Sun, Luminous Creme Blush in Pink Cashmere, Mineral Rice Setting Powder, and Intimatte Mineral Matte Lipstick in Flirt (new shade for Spring 2016!).

You can find Youngblood online (limited products) and at our Calabasas location.

Like A (Bleach) Virgin – What Happens When Dark Brown Hair And Bleach Mix?

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Happy #EarthDay! The Beautiful Power of Nature

Throughout history, people have looked to natural sources for health and beauty. Fruits, flowers, and minerals have been found to beautify and cure, by hydrating, soothing, and protecting us inside and out. As science progresses, we continue to look to the elements and ancient wisdom, combine them with new knowledge and scientific advances, and create … Continue reading Happy #EarthDay! The Beautiful Power of Nature

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