LAST CHANCE! Our Half Yearly Beauty Sale Ends This Weekend

The Half Yearly Beauty Sale is on now, but you only have 5 days left to get 50% off of select products! Check out our events section for more details and then get to your nearest Beauty Collection to save on your favorite beauty items before they’re all gone. The Half Yearly Beauty Sale is … Continue reading LAST CHANCE! Our Half Yearly Beauty Sale Ends This Weekend

#askBC: How Do I Prevent Shine In This Heat?

Q: I have oily skin, and the hot weather isn’t doing me any favors! What should I do differently during the summer months? – Melting in Manhattan Beach A: Whether we like it or not, changes in the weather are often reflected in our skin. For oily skin types, heat and humidity don’t just amp up … Continue reading #askBC: How Do I Prevent Shine In This Heat?

Celebrating Independents

Many of our favorite beauty products were inspired by people who wished them into existence. When these intrepid entrepreneurs couldn’t find the specific item they wanted in stores, they didn’t give up on the dream. Instead, they took to their kitchens, labs and gardens to create the exact products they wanted from scratch. This month, … Continue reading Celebrating Independents

All-American Beauty

The All-American Beauty. Some say that it’s an unattainable ideal. Others suggest the concept is dead. We say, “Throw your old standards of beauty out the window!” It’s time to accept that, in this beautiful melting pot of a nation, true beauty is our diversity of shapes, shades, and textures. It’s every person’s unique individuality. … Continue reading All-American Beauty

Red, White, & Blue Beauty

The Fourth of July, the summer Olympics in Rio, the upcoming elections… there are so many reasons to show your national pride in the coming months. Celebrate the Stars and Stripes all month long with pops of color and bold white!   HAIR Manic Panic High Voltage® Classic Cream Formula Hair Color in Blue Moon … Continue reading Red, White, & Blue Beauty

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